CST Camera systems


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The mission of CST is to progressively develop, produce and deliver EO equipment for mobile and fixed systems to meet the most demanding applications. CST systems provide their users with maximum security and lowest risk for personal and material assets; no matter their surroundings and environment. Their life-time cost and performance guarantees highest competition power to our customers.

CST utilizes its expertise from the defense and Homeland Security industry to produce and market a broad range of CCTV systems for the day and night surveillance on high-end security market. As an example:

  • Ruggedized cameras (CCD, ICCD, uncooled IR and Thermal Cameras )
  • Integration into weapons systems
  • Radar Tracking Systems, VTS Camera systems
  • Vehicle observation systems

The RWS FlexSensVision is particularly designed for medium and heavy arms programs. RWS FlexSensVision is integrated with the RWS sensor suite and available as individual sensor system or as fully integrated MIL-STD RWS sensor package. It provides extreme stable line of sights as required for efficient target engagement and detection, also when mounted directly to the gun cradle. There is a wide choice of configurations which allows complete tailoring of features and functionality.

For harbour perimeter protection there is a need to prevent unlawful activities with long-range cameras to identify if approaching vessels or humans are friend or foe. CST cameras can recognize a human up to 8 km distance and put the operator in a position to act before a potential threat or incident occurs.The complete camera including housing, lens and controller has been designed to be operationa from  -40°C to +70°C, according to MIL STD 810.

Naval surveillance to prevent unlawful activities such as piracy, human trafficking and smuggling is a rising challenge for many nations.The surveillance systems used at sea and along coastlines demand highly ruggedized equipment to withstand the harsh maritime environment.CST electro-optical cameras are ruggedized and hermetically sealed to be operational under high humidity and for tough maritime missions performed by naval or patrol vessels.